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What is DEKKI?

Dekki is a community platform for gamers to talk about games they love, discuss game strategy and interact around games.

Who makes DEKKI?

A group of very passionate game players from PlayBrain, a game marketing agency from Tokyo, specialising in content media, esports and game community development.

Which games are supported on DEKKI?

We have Hearthstone, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, but as we grow DEKKI, we aim to launch communities for more and more games. In general our focus is on strategy and competitive esports titles but we would also like to hear from the you, the community about which titles you would like to see next. Drop us an email at with the title "Game Request" and let us know which title you would like to see next on DEKKI.

Who owns the content I have on DEKKI?

Any original content you create on DEKKI is still owned by you with a few small exceptions. If you upload or create content that is owned by or derived from other people's work or intellectual property, that copyright owner still maintains their copyright over the works. In these cases, you must get the permission from that person or entity in order to use that content on DEKKI.

DEKKI sometimes provides content as part of the DEKKI platform. In these cases, the copyright of those assets is maintained by the copyright holder.

When you create your account with us, you agree that anything you place on DEKKI can be used freely without any cost by DEKKI, but you always own the content, and you can take it down any time you like.

If you find any content that you own the rights for on DEKKI and you didn't give permission to be used, please let us know at

Are you affiliated with the game developers?

DEKKI maintains relationships with many of the developers related to the games we support on DEKKI. This is a part of being able to bring you accurate and up to date information about the games. However, we do not represent the game developers in an official capacity and do not represent their opinions. We always attempt to abide by their conditions of Intellectual Property usage to the best of our abilities, and are happy to discuss any related issues directly.

For any developers who wish to collaborate with DEKKI, please contact us at

How do I delete my account?

We are sorry to hear that you want to delete your account, but of course you can. Send an email to with the subject 'Delete My Account' and we will take care of it. After confirming, we’ll start deleting your account.