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DEKKI | Game Communities for Strategic Players

DEKKI ( was launched on January 23rd, 2017.

DEKKI is an online game community platform built for game players who enjoy strategizing about how to play. The platform establishes communities for selected games with community passion and provides some key features to help players talk about and describe their strategies, ideas and ask questions. The platform is in Japanese and English and supports automatic translation of many elements in content on the platform.

DEKKI is made by a group of passionate gamers at PlayBrain in Tokyo. In addition to the website, DEKKI hosts its own Twitch and Youtube channels.

DEKKTIONARY, the really smart dictionary for games.

Core to each community is an information directory of items, characters, maps, and other things from the game. These can be dynamically called up within user created content, allowing a user to embed a rich link or add a selection to a component, complete with an image and the detailed information related to that entry. It is kind of like a much smarter wiki.

DEKKI PUBLISHER, the easiest way to create game content.

Don't let us have all the fun. DEKKI is a platform for user content to grow and thrive, so we have set out to make the easiest to use editor we possibly could. Creating a strategy post for your favorite game is easy and intuitive, showing you exactly what your post will look like after it is published.

Adding items from the DEKKTIONARY is as simple as using the hash (#) mark to trigger a smart autocomplete that checks a games' DEKKIONARY entries for matching items. This even works in other languages supported on the platform, so you can call up English terms while posting in Japanese and vice versa. Hovering over the entry in your post will immediately display an information card about that item, giving readers a richer experience while reading your post.

It's all about YOU

DEKKI has one more important goal. We want to build a community that supports its own. That means users who are more active creating content have the opportunity to build influence by promoting their own channels and content across all platforms. We integrate their selected channels tightly with any content created on DEKKI, allowing DEKKI to let people who appreciate someone's content, to see much more of their content.

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